Kirsten Broberg, Composer

About Kirsten Broberg's Music

Kirsten Broberg composes music for solo to large ensemble instruments and voices, cycles of extractable works, electronic music, music for multimedia and film music.

Her music is deeply personal and intimate while exploring the concept of time and space and highlighting transformations of timbre, texture and varying levels of resonance, spectral harmonies, ornamentation, and micro- and macro-gestures on the surface and within the structure of the music.  

The sound world within which she works ranges from silence to the fragility of barely audible, whispering, pure, resonant and complex timbres.  She also incorporates a wide range of textures, gestures and ornamentation. 

These materials are not considered mere decoration in her work; rather, she conceptualizes them as states through which sound evolves on both local and global levels.  Further, the treatment of these components—the modulation each aspect undergoes—is paramount to the resulting form, sequence and proportional duration of musical events. As a result, form is generated through process: domains organically evolving spawned by the intersection of two or more permutations simultaneously occurring. It is through this that she creates a strong sense of expression and dramatic intensity.