Kirsten Broberg, Composer


As a dynamic and passionate educator, Kirsten Broberg has taught a broad range of courses at diverse colleges and universities.  Her music teaching philosophy is to bring material to life by fostering discovery-based learning through an interactive environment that approaches topics from a wide range of perspectives to stimulate both creative and critical thought and provokes students to make interdisciplinary connections. 

While maintaining a rigorous curriculum and an extremely high standard of excellence, she actively engages and motivates students through ingenuity and her enthusiasm for music.  In the classroom and through assignments, her students have the opportunity to approach topics from a variety of angles to excite diverse learning styles and reinforce key skills and concepts.  She cultivates an open environment within which students feel empowered to be active in class discussion, improvisation, group work, collaboration, musical analysis and creative projects.  Because it is important to her that students draw parallels between various musical disciplines, her lectures and assignments also frequently highlight relationships between music theory, aural skills, analysis, counterpoint, performance practice, improvisation, music composition and music history.

As an individual and a teacher, Kirsten has a genuine interest in and care for the success of her students.  She welcomes students to meet with her for guidance outside of class or private lessons.  She is delighted to help those who are struggling or further challenge those who are flourishing so that they may gain an even richer understanding of and appreciation for music theory and composition.


Music Composition, Counterpoint and Songwriting

She has taught all levels of undergraduate private composition lessons for music majors, counterpoint, independent studies in composition and song writing and production and class composition for non-music majors.

Music Theory and Aural Skills

Kirsten has taught all levels of undergraduate theory and aural skills courses from species counterpoint though 21st century practices, graduate review in music theory and aural skills, music fundamentals for non-music majors and upper level courses in form and analysis. 

Music History and World Music

She has taught American Music History, Western Music History from 1900-today, Contemporary Music and World Music.

Private Piano and French horn

Kirsten Broberg has taught private piano and French horn lessons to all ages for fifteen years.

Guest Lectures

Kirsten Broberg frequently gives guest lectures at colleges, universities and public elementary and high schools.  Recent topics include orchestration, contemporary and extended instrumental techniques, prepared and bowed piano, current trends in contemporary music, spectral music, the music of Gérard Grisey and the music of Claude Debussy.

Quotes from Student Evaluations

“Kirsten Broberg is a wonderful teacher and as a non-music major, this is one of my favorite classes I have taken at NU”

“My favorite Prof. this semester”

“Professor Broberg’s genuine interest that students understood the material was complemented by her willingness to meet with students after class.”

“This class was fun, and really gave me the confidence to try learning about something that I don’t have any background in.  GREAT CLASS AND PROFESSOR ROCKS!”

“I absolutely adored this was the only class I had this quarter that I actually looked forward to going to every week.  Kirsten is a great teacher and is incredibly understanding and supportive.”

“You won't find another class at Northwestern like this one.  It's great. For people that have never composed before, this class approaches composition correctly. It just encourages you to be creative”

“Very brilliant and knowledgeable.”

“Was very open to help any student who was struggling and would try to find different ways to explain materials.”

“Very patient and understanding.  Always willing to explain material for better understanding.”

“She knows her material well.”

“Knowledgeable, positive and encouraging.  A superb teacher!  Her teaching helps me to believe in my dreams as a musician.”